Good To Be Back EP (CD Single)

Good To Be Back EP (CD Single)

1. Kremlin Backed Twitter Posting Troll Farm
2. Sometime Tomorrow
3. Designated Driver (High As A Kite)
4. Sitting On A Rooftop

Named by viewers of the James Hargreaves Guitar YouTube channel, James' debut single the Good To Be Back EP was released 28th May 2021 in the UK, and it hit the top ten in the UK Physical singles charts the following Friday 4th June alongside David Bowie, Liam Gallagher & Coldplay, peaking at #7.

The Good To Be Back EP was mastered at Abbey Road Studios, London, by Frank Arkwright, mastering engineer to Oasis, Arctic Monkeys, and the biggest selling single of all time, Candle In The Wind by Elton John. The mastering was entirely crowdfunded by viewers of James' YouTube channel.